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Watched Song Of The Sea, from the makers of The Secret Of Kells. Such a beautiful and moving story! This one and HTTYD2 were robbed from the Oscar.


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    Evanna with Jeff Goldblum:

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    The problem is not that they cut stuff from the books, but the first film, looking at the first teaser, seemed to be faithful to the books, but it's not the same movie we got. Either because Columbus decided to rewrite parts of the film or Fox forced him to make the story more generic, and less unique like in the book. And what you say about the greek mythology is what was missing on the first film, having historic figures clashing with modern times and technology. Camp Half-Blood seemed like a military center from medieval times.

    They fixed that with the second film, which it actually reflected the world of Riordan's books, but having Kronos as the main villain (and represented as a generic satan-like figure) when he wasn't supposed to be until the fourth book seemed like they thought making the film faithful to the book wouldn't be sucessful. About things from the books being too expensive to show, The Maze Runner had a 30 million budget, and looked like a 100 million dollar movie. Some CGI from SOM looked fake (and they were made by the same studio who did Life Of Pi() and they had a 90 million dolar budget.

    Even if they did certain things right, Riordan is like the fans of the books, a pompous purist, and he bashed the first movie and said he wouldn't be watching the rest if they we're made.

    The change of ages wasn't a problem because Columbus did it to avoid comparisions with Harry Potter.
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    Evanna and the Phelps twins will be filming a new movie for the BBC next week.
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    Desplat is scoring Tarzan for Yates, so I'm sure WB will bring him back. Desplat will have enough time to score both movies, since I think they'll film Fantastic Beasts first, and then Rogue One.
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    So far, Annie, Mr. Turner, and Fury were leaked. Supposedly, Interstellar was leaked too, but there's no links.