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Watched Song Of The Sea, from the makers of The Secret Of Kells. Such a beautiful and moving story! This one and HTTYD2 were robbed from the Oscar.


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    Nah, except for cutting the Gaunt memories, adding the Burrow scene, and having Harry hidden when Dumbledore dies, the rest of HBP is practically like the book (and makes scenes from references of the book, like the bridge collapse and Snape saying to Dumbledore that he didn't wanted to keep working for him).

    The first Percy Jackson film followed the plotline of the book, but it was adapted like a single movie and not the first one of a franchise, changed the personality of the characters and several chapters were missing (and the book was the shortest, a 180 pages book could easily being adapted with nothing missing). They also got stuff from the second book adapted (like the Hydra and Tyson's shield)

    The second one was actually faithful to the book, but the change of the chronological order in some events of the book, plus putting Kronos wasn't very helpful. It was like "we know we screwed it up with the first film, since the damage is done, we'll adapt the second book with putting stuff from the other books in case this one fails".

    There's a reason of why The Fault In Our Stars and The Maze Runner were sucessful where as the rest of the YA adaptation made by Fox in the past 10 years failed. They respected the source material and adaped them with quality films. The Maze Runner looks like a 100 million dollar film and it was made with only 35. They got good actors instead of inexpresive pretty boys. The Fault In Our Stars had decent actors and a story which a lot of people can identify with.
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    #throwbackthursday 6 years ago this intriguing trailer brought me to the world of #PercyJackson: #WeNeedTitansCurse
    :( And if you see it, it was just like in the book. Before Columbus screwed it up.
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    Because you sound like a racist moron, like the ones in Ohnotheydidnt. What did you expected? To Newt being blue? The movie takes place in NYC during the 20's, and there's no mention of Newt's looks in the books.
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    Since they have two actresses of Game Of Thrones, they should add another one from Harry Potter.