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  • Re: Official Fantastic Beasts Thread - TEASER TRAILER RELEASED

    I don't know if this has been mentioned here or not, but this has been in the works for more than a year, so hopefully things are further along than they are letting on.

    'Since that original break in news, we’ve been left to wonder how far along she and WB are in the filmmaking process. Now we have more information on just that!

    THR discusses the new deal, highlighting the big win for new WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara, who played a huge role in securing the deal with Rowling. Jo even praised his efforts, saying the deal “would not have happened without him.”

    One detail in the article in which we are particularly interested is that the deal has been “more than a year in the making.”'

  • Re: HP marathons on ABC Family

    They play GOF but not COS and POA???????????/
    Right now HBO has the rights to PoA (they just finished a long run of it) and Cinemax has CoS. HBO did have DH2 showing for a long time but it's been off the schedule for a little while so that's making me wonder if things are getting ready to switch to ABC Family soon. For now all the different Cinemaxs have a full CoS schedule.

    which country are you in ? if US what network? Was thinking recently I'd love to watch then all in order but only have the first 3
    Yes, I'm in the US, the big marathons are shown on ABC Family. They used to have the rights to PoA and CoS but it's been a while. ABC Family adds the deleted scenes back in, some have more than others...OotP hardly has any but GoF and DH1 have quite a few.

  • Re: Official The Cuckoo's Calling Thread - New Book Written by JK Rowling

    Some new info from Mugglenet:

    New details emerge about the revelation of J.K. Rowling's pseudonym

    The New York Times has reported some fascinating new details about how The Sunday Times discovered that Robert Galbraith was actually J.K. Rowling. According to the paper's arts editor, Richard Brooks, it all began with Twitter. Last week, one of his colleagues posted about how much she loved Cuckoo's Calling and how it seemed like it hadn't been written by a debut author. That's when the plot thickens.

    'After midnight she got a tweet back from an anonymous person saying it's not a first-time novel, it was written by J. K. Rowling,' Mr. Brooks said in an interview. 'So my colleague tweeted back and said, 'How do you know for sure?'

    The person replied, 'I just know,' and then proceeded to delete all his (or her) tweets and to close down the Twitter account, Mr. Brooks said. 'All traces of this person had been taken off, and we couldn't find his name again.'

    Brooks then proceeded to do some internet research, discovering that that both Cuckoo's Calling and The Casual Vacancy shared the same agent, publisher, and editor, which aroused his suspicions - how could a novice writer be important enough to have the same editor as J.K. Rowling? His next step was to send a request to linguist experts who confirmed that the two books had many similarities. Acting off of this evidence, Brooks emailed representatives for Rowling on Friday evening, who responded the next morning with a confirmation.

    These new details revealed by the Times have made an unbelievable story even more mysterious!

    Wonder who the mysterious Tweeter was :-?
  • Re: RyGuy's Collection Thread

    =D> Awesome! You're so talented, keep up the great work!