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  • Re: Official Fantastic Beasts Thread - TEASER TRAILER RELEASED

    Desplat is rumored to score Yates's Tarzan film. So there might be a chance to do the first Fantastic Beasts film.
    Yesssss! I want Desplat back. I want him to score the full trilogy!
  • Re: Divergent Series - Allegiant Official Thread

    ‘Insurgent’ To Be Released in 3D, New Interactive 3D Posters Unveiled

    Lionsgate revealed this morning that the next instalment in their Divergent series, Insurgent, will be released both in 3D and 2D formats when it hits theatres on March 20, 2015.

    “The second film in the Divergent franchise takes the story and action to another level and, by partnering with RealD, we were able to blend gripping performances and mind-blowing spectacle to create a unique event on screen,” said producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher. “We cannot wait to share this experience with audiences around the world.”

    To go along with the announcement, the studio is releasing eight new Interactive 3D character posters. The one-sheets will roll-out one every hour across different entertainment websites.

    They are updating with the posters here:

  • Re: Official Fantastic Beasts Thread - TEASER TRAILER RELEASED

    Someone who was at the event told me she confirmed she is done with the script.

    I asked the festival people and they told me the audio of the whole event will be released to download in the following days. I look forward to that.
  • Re: 7 years!

    I've been thinking about it all day long! SEVEN YEARS, I can't believe it.

    I actually planned a vacation around the release date, cause I wanted to get to a book release party in a very particular city, different to the one I was living in at the moment. The downside to it was that during the following days I didn't get the enough time I needed to devour the book right after I got the book at midnight.

    So I read bits and pieces over the following days but was only able to finish it on July 25, at 3:27PM (I actually wrote the date and time on the last page of the book.)
  • Re: Official The Cuckoo's Calling Thread - New Book Written by JK Rowling

    Found that The Australian review. It's very positive as well!

    "'The Silkworm' is a deeply satisfying work of crime fiction, more complex and darker than its predecessor. Yet Rowling has a lot of fun, too, especially in her knowing depiction of the incestuous worlds of publishing and the media. She also brings London to life in all its grimy glamour."

    Btw, everyone seems to be just assuming that Rowling will write a total of 7 Cormoran Strike novels. Remember an english paper published that rumor when 'The Silkworm' was first announced? But as far as I remember, it was denied by the publisher. I don't know if the reviewers know better or they are just going off the rumors.