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  • Re: Oscars 2013

    fuck the oscars.
  • HPF, come in here, I've changed my mind about something.

    Well, Goblet of Fire kind of fucking blows...

    I recently watched it for the first time in about a year or so, maybe longer, with some relatives. Quite frankly, this movie is an embarrassment compared to the others. I want to add a late preface to this by saying that there are scenes that I absolutely love. I love the tournament scenes, I love the Voldemort climax, I love Cedric's death aftermath, and I love the ending.

    The entire rest of the movie is total garbage. I have no fucking idea how I've ever loved this movie at any point. Maybe it's because David Yates came in and well, comparing any one good director against Mike Newell isn't fair to Newell whatsoever now is it? Seriously, everything about this movie, with the exception to the aforementioned scenes, is completely off. The writing is off, the pacing is off, the acting is abysmal, the jokes aren't funny, Newell treats every character like they're from Looney Tunes (Malfoy ferret scene for example), the hairstyles are comical as fuck, much of the music unfortunately accompanies much of these shenanigans perfectly, and all in all it feels like a total clusterfuck following Prisoner of Azkaban which was treated with far more respect and creative vision than anything Newell brought to the table. Seriously, following Azkaban makes it look that much shittier. Because it is.

    I don't suppose I hate the movie. It has a share of scenes that I think are great and they manage to hit some of the emotional beats at the end very well, and Voldemort's return was just about as perfect as it could have been. But I do think it's garbage for the most part. Every single scene involving dialogue is just plain bad. The Yule Ball scene is just plain bad. Emma's eyebrows. Most of the very weird, stilted writing and editing-- "Alastor Moody" comes to mind, how it just cuts to him standing there and saying his name. It's like THIS IS WHAT THIS CHARACTER IS CALLED EVEN THOUGH WE JUST FUCKING SAID IT A FEW MINUTES AGO. Just-- everything is treated like a comedy, and it feels so awkward sitting between Azkaban and Phoenix which I find to be two very respectable films that aren't treated like complete jokes.

    Newell has always been a terrible director. His Prince of Persia ranks among some of the most god awful Hollywood by the numbers shitfests in recent memory. If I still love Goblet of Fire, it's because of some kind of parental love, as if I consider these movies to be my children and thus I have to stand up for even the ugliest of ducklings. But no, it's really bad. At least, bad by the standards set by the other films before and after.

    And that Moaning Myrtle scene. What the fuck?
  • Re: "Star Wars Sequel Trilogy" Official Thread

    I mean several of Nolan's action scenes from Batman Begins-- which had awfully staged and shot fight scenes, from The Dark Knight where its centerpiece action sequence is one of the sloppiest action scenes I've seen in recent memory, from Inception which just had incredibly yawn-inducing action that lacked engagement, and so on. The Dark Knight Rises had slightly better shot and edited action.
  • Re: "Star Wars Sequel Trilogy" Official Thread

    Keep all of that shitty, fan-fiction Expanded Universe bullshit out of my Star Wars movies thanks. The second they start plucking crap from that, it's going to tell me they don't have enough fresh ideas to make an entirely new trilogy, and it's just going to cause book purists to bitch. Fresh ideas + not catering to pre-existing material = best possible outcome.

    Basically, Nolan will be Nolan and pretend like he's some twist magician when he clearly has no idea how to establish and execute such.