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  • I still stand by it: David Yates killed it.

    And in a good way. His films are still easily my favorite Potter films. When I read the last few books I felt like whoever was directing had a daunting job ahead of them, and I cannot but help admire what Yates and Goldenberg and Kloves achieved. They're amazing films that better damn well be fucking applauded for years to come. I rewatch HBP, DH1 and DH2 frequently and as a huge book fan myself I can't help but feel totally satisfied and elated with how the films were handled. I love Azkaban and I love Alfonso, but beyond its cinematography I just don't think it's quite as great as what Yates did. Obviously anyone is free to disagree, but I think the love for what Cuaron did is mostly driven by his other works as a director and not necessarily the film he did make. Gravity was awesome but very barren and empty, IMO. It was cinematically awesome but once it was over I felt like it was good but that Children of Men and Azkaban were better.

    That being said, again, I think in years, no decades on down the line Yates' work should be well appreciated and acknowledged. He bit off a huge chunk that few dare to, and absolutely ran with it and nailed it.
  • Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    The entire climax was solid as fuck, great fights with Electro and Goblin, particularly Goblin which is one of the most intense and heart-pounding fight sequences ever in a superhero film
    The buddy cop dynamic between Harry and Electro was fun as hell and hilarious
    Dane, Garfield and Stone fucking annihilated their roles
    The graduation speech intercutting with the action at the beginning
    The fact that the story was specifically a character piece that put the focus and importance on developing Spider-man into Spider-MAN
    All the subplots worked and served their purposes respectfully
    The movie was never in a hurry, plenty of chill moments with the characters but still maintained good pacing nonetheless
    The dynamic between Peter and Gwen
    The dynamic between Peter and May
    The emotional core of Peter and Gwen and Peter and his parents
    Time as a metaphor which brilliantly led to the... you know
    The soundtrack was terrific, great new main theme, great love theme, great action cues

    Yeah it was pretty bitchin and not afraid to take risks, felt unique and unlike other superhero films, and the ending still lingers due to characterization and emotion, also unlike many other superhero films. As a huge Spiderman fan I felt it absolutely nailed the title character and all the repercussions that come with being Spiderman, and never before has it actually went the lengths that the comics always did but that the films had been lacking, until now. The end of this movie was like, damn, this is no joke huh? He got far more development and maturity than Raimi's Peter. I still think Spider-man 2 and The Amazing Spider-man are fantastic films, but Amazing Spider-man 2 was finally the one that got everything right in terms of character, emotion, aesthetic, themes, entertaining and tragic payoffs, etc. It's the quintessential Spider-man film.

    It isn't perfect, but what is? I also disagree heavily with most of the complaints I've seen, the biggest being that the story isn't focused and has too many subplots. Cannot disagree more. The main plot is about Peter and Gwen which by extension is also about Spider-man accepting responsibility and his maturity which is his deepest struggle that was finally brought to fruition here, and the subplots concerning Electro and Harry worked separately well enough but then converged toward the end seamlessly. Finally there was the subplot about Peter's parents, but that had been founded and built upon since the first film and was finally addressed here.
  • Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    Best superhero film I've seen.
  • Re: Rate/Review the Last Movie or TV Show You Watched

    The Conjuring is the best fucking horror movie since Blair Witch. What an immaculately shot, acted, terrifying experience.

  • Rejoice, HPF.

    I was wrong.


    I rewatched this fucking movie on Netflix.

    Holy shit. It's good. I went in with a lot of hype and expectation, having never read the books but heard a lot of great things, and I was let down.

    They threw it on Netflix the other day, and I said to hell with it, why not? The newest trailer was pretty cool and told me that it's not going to be a repeat of the first, so I was very much drawn to it.

    This time, it worked for me on numerous levels. Knowing what to expect, the tone, how the characters work ORGANICALLY within the film's and the narrative's construct-- this time it made a lot more sense to me, I came to respect Ross' direction and the DP's work, and I really grew to actually care about most of the characters. Rue's death, while it felt hamfisted to me the first time I saw it, was written, directed, shot, scored, and acted with 100% care and attention to detail, and I loved how it caused a brief uprising and chaos. It was an incredibly well realized portrayal of death that really took me by surprise during my rewatch.

    That being said, I get the hype, and I hope that Collins' writing, like Rowlings, allows for this film series to deliver.

    I'm drunk as hell