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  • Re: Rate/Review the Last Movie or TV Show You Watched

    Haven't posted much here, but I'll throw out there that my two favorites last year were Whiplash and Gone Girl. Literally haven't seen anything new this year though unfortunately.
  • Re: Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" Thread

    -Movie is not Nolan's best, but still an incredible experience unlike anything you've ever witnessed. This last part is not fully evident until you've left the theater for a few hours and realize you can't stop thinking about it.
    -Regardless of a few filmmaking flaws, the ambition and scope of the film is unparalleled.
    -The screenplay is a perfect blend of science and philosophy. Somewhat hard to follow (also due to the fact that the music often overpowered the dialogue) but absolutely begs repeated viewings.
    -I think I'm going to have to see this at least twice more before I can accurately analyze it.

    It can probably speak for itself that when I got out of the theater I simply couldn't speak. I just couldn't comprehend what I had seen unfold on screen. It's quite an amazing experience.
  • Re: Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" Thread

    I literally don't have the power to wait anymore. Tomorrow, 11:35. 70mm and largest IMAX theater in the nation. :O I'm fucking stoked.
  • Re: Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" Thread

    Perks of now living in L.A: I just bought tickets for the IMAX 70mm showing several days early at the fucking Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. Like someone slap me, I don't think this is real life.
  • Re: DC Universe Films Thread - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice / Suicide Squad

    Will it for sure though? Only six other films have ever grossed higher than that in their opening weekend (though, to this film's credit, two of those films have featured Batman). Man of Steel earned $116 million when it opened last year, so I think this has a legitimate shot at claiming the March record, especially with the addition of Batman and Wonder Woman...I suppose we'll have to see if it actually looks good though.