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  • Re: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

    If you haven't notice, since my first post I have been saying that the only thing that can prevent the movie being a failure is the International BO. But I'm not talking about the WW Bo as I said above, for the second time.

    Your argument fails miserably when you talk about The Host and Beatiful Creatures. If the international numbers didn't help covering the Box Office that only means that the domestic numbers. So if Percy has awful numbers domestically and good numbers internationally is not a failure? I think you are totally msunderstanding what leads the movie of being a failure. It doesnt matter from the money comes from. If The Host and Beautiful Creatures were able to cover its budget how can they be a failure and Percy not? So it's fine for Percy to have its budget covered from the International BO but if The Host had better income domestically it is a failure?

    So basically no blockbuster this year can be considered a failure as the budgets were at least covered. And once again, its all a matter of analysis and market. Once again, just look at the average per theater. One of the worst numbers of this summer. Even worst than the Lone Ranger. Still, you are also forgetting the fact that Percy had a 3D release.
    Is this seriously something to keep dragging out? Swallow your pride and move on already lol
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  • Re: Alfie Enoch talks playing Dean Thomas in Harry Potter, fans, current theatre work

    haha Ive always thought he was cute tbh haha
  • Re: HPF has taken a turn for the worst

    I like them a lot tbh. I think its got a good scope of variety and if someone really likes or dislikes something then that gives them the option of voicing their opinion with a reply. As for what the new set of buttons says, I think its representational of how people can react to something. It gives people the chance to give their thoughts on something whether they feel it is off-topic, Insightful, Ludicrous, Awesome, or Funny. For the people that dont feel a reply is necessary it gives them the opportunity to still voice their thoughts, just not with a reply. Thats why I like them. :)>-