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  • Re: Official Fantastic Beasts Thread - TEASER TRAILER RELEASED


    but hey its something to look forward to :) Hopefully they listening to their critiques from the HP series.
  • Re: Official Fantastic Beasts Thread - TEASER TRAILER RELEASED

    I sound like a racist against... who exactly? White people? NYC during the '20s was literally a hub of racial diversity (and remains to this day, though moreso) so not sure what you're talking about...ever heard of Ellis Island?

    No, I do not expect him to be blue, because blue people don't exist. Nonwhite people do however, so I'm not sure what your angle was there. Oh, yes I do it was a cheap, overused jab.

    "There was no mention of Newt's looks in the books" ...so apparently that makes him white automatically. I'm not just talking about him either, there are 3 supporting cast members with 3 actors announced as being considered are white.

    "This movie should have some people who are not white too in the main cast" "racist!" lmao
    Agree with this 150%. I am really hoping that there is some form of Diversity in these films. Yony I dont want to be that guy but reverse racism doesn't exist in sociological terms. I hope these movies have some strong female characters or something! The world in the 30s especially New York wasnt some white washed wasteland, it was a melting pot of all cultures and backgrounds. Ive got my fingers crossed for this. Also the candidates for Newt's rival look so goofy. Im not sure if its a main villain role or not it is too early to tell but hopefully the villain isn't underwhelming.

    Sometimes I wonder if @TheDoctor and I were separated at birth due to our views and thoughts on things haha
  • Re: Rate/Review the Last Movie or TV Show You Watched

    Fifty Shades of Grey: 8/10: Pretty good movie. Dakota Johnson was EXCELLENT as Anastasia Steele. Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey... not as much. At first I was upset when I heard he might not return for the sequels. Now, I don't mind. Other actors could play that role better (Ian Somerhalder please!). The Sex scenes were... sexy and well shot. Cinemtography (especially during the sex scenes) was BRILLIANT! The movie was also pretty funny. Some of the dialogue was eye-rolling and cringeworthy though, but that is mostly cause it was taken from the book. Saw a couple of things that seemed to be taken straight from Twilight, though. That too was cringeworthy. Oh, and the ending was TERRIBLE and so out of place, my goodness, that was a bad place to end it. My rating is generous, mostly because of Dakota Johnson and hot sex scenes.
    Come here to throw in a few reviews. See this. Cringe. Leave forum and not return for another couple of weeks. haha
  • Re: Fill out my survey! (:

    I just did as well! I couldnt put down Modern Family or Will & Grace because my interpretation of both is that those shows are comedies that turn gay characters into basically black face of the gay community. Absolute over the top portrayals and it bugs the hell out of me lol. Just throwing in my two cents dawg haha
  • Re: Official Fantastic Beasts Thread - TEASER TRAILER RELEASED

    "They love to hate, and I don’t care; let them hate. They’re still going to see the movie!"
    Yates is a good director but I can't forgive him for Half Blood Prince, and Part 2 of DeathlyHallows verges on the sufficiency. Despite this, I have good hopes for the first film od Beasts. But that's it. We want new faces please WB!!!!!
    This is what had me so disheartened when I heard the news of Yates. At the time, when I was young and oblivious I was in full fan mode "YESSS FANTASTIC MOVIES YAAAAS". Well, now that I'm older and wiser I sit back and I have to skip many parts of most of the films besides POA and OOTP. HBP Literally serves no purpose in terms of storytelling besides the final twenty minutes. I'll keep all these opinions to myself and If you love them all that's fine. This isn't a post to attack any soul, it's mainly for me to vent about the possibilities of the future.

    This isn't all of Yates' fault however. There are the producers. David "lets cut this scene because it looks like its out of Saw" Heyman. More than likely David Barron - which as far as in interviews he comes off as a basic minded person along for the ride. The only thing that has me pumped is that Jo is writing this. I hope it ends up appealing to the masses and creates a new era of storytelling without a castle and trio. She has so many artistic liberties and freedoms that I do have faith in the writing because she has a complete hold on her creations. Granted this is her first time writing a script as well but I'm more than positive it will go well. I have faith in her. It's just the direction I'm worried about...and if they get talentless hacks like Nicholas Hooper (seriously. I never looked at his IMDB until today and how the fuck did he get handed the rights to HP?! "oh I've shot a few nature documentaries. I'm perfect" Give his tracks ten more years and they will be dated, not timeless like the works of Williams or Desplat) or the ever popular Mark Day. Let's not even go there.

    I hope...I genuinely hope Yates cant hand over whoever he's worked with before again onto one of the biggest Book/Film/Etc properties in human existence. This is my point. Looking back on all of the films, there was such a potential for the highest of quality. I feel like we got that with parts of films 1,3, & 7.5. The rest I am not so kind on any longer. GOF and HBP are the worst in my eyes. I cannot even watch most of the films anymore...I don't know gang. Maybe I just lost touch with being a fan, maybe I grew up, maybe I just don't care any longer. The 1-7.5 series doesn't make me happy any longer. I've shouted out enough of my boisterous opinions on the matter. I just hope as the announcements for cast and crew start coming out we start seeing something fresh. Keep Stuart Craig, Desplat, and a couple of others. However if we get Hooper, Mark Day, etc then I will begin to get very worried. This is a new series so it should feel fresh yet a taste of the familiar. Please Yates don't fuck this up. lol