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Senior Year is finally here. School starts Wednesday! I hope you all have had a great Summer :) please keep in touch if I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope you are all doing fantastic on your present life adventures. Sending positive vibes everyone's way. With Love, Uncle Ry :)


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  • Re: Explosions hit Boston marathon (Suspect has been CAPTURED!)

    First and foremost calm down. Secondly, more people have died in the explosion in Texas than this and they need aid, food, water, etc so they can asess the damage and try and rebuild their lives. Many are still in the hospital...I think you need to sort out your priorities as to where the Media is wanting you to avert your attention. How on earth do you know he has no respect for this?? He barely said four fucking sentences and your sitting here blasting him for no reason. Quit getting bent out of shape over nothing you can change and get a life.
    First and foremost, a wise man once said those who tell you to get a life need to get one of their own.

    Second... this bomber is still out there, on the run, is armed and dangerous, and he has threatened to kill police and others because his brother his dead.

    The media is not wanting to avert our attention anywhere... of course what happened in Texas is still on our minds, but in a post 9/11 world, a terrorist that is at large, and dangerous, and have killed several people is the number one priority, why would it not be?

    He has no respect for this, because he put manhunt in quotes, as if he thinks it is a joke, which he seems to because he said it was propaganda... it is obvious disrespect. What, you don't call that disrespect? Are you of the same mind?

    Lets see who is spending their life wisely...someone who writes creepy fanfiction and lingers like a creep on a Harry Potter forum that has basically a dozen members left...or a person who just spent 8 hours sandbagging to save part of his town from floodwaters and is now going to a formal dinner and ball for local artists? Which is more fulfilling and who is actually living life? Yeahhhh you get the picture. lol.

    Anyways just popping in, Ive got to split again. Take care Hpf lol
  • Re: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and LOTR Official Thread

    I just watched the LotR trilogy for the first time ever as a marathon at the cinema.

    I hated it. I was bored to death. Never again.

    I have no plans to see this.
    You fingerbang Twilight to death, which are travesties to the film industry, yet you cannot enjoy three wonderful cinematic journeys?! I really dont get you at all...you curly headed fuck...lol. They are a lot to take in but come on...lol
  • Re: The Taylor Swift Appreciation Thread.

    I would deficate on her chest and make her paint with it.