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    The ending is atrocious.
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    In hindsight, I'm glad it wasn't nominated. It was hyped up due to it being the last movie in the series. I love many sequences and aspects of the film, don't get me wrong, but all in all it's uneven. The last 30 minutes or so were especially underwhelming after the brilliant so-called golden section of the movie; the conversation with Dumbledore was useless, Neville's speech was corny, the climax lacked dramatic weight, the aftermath was lifeless and the plot twist with the Elder Wand was muddled and confusingly explained. My mother's initial reaction to the movie was spot on; "weren't the other movies better and scarier? This was all action". There was little engagement to the action as well with the exception of the courtyard apocalypse scene and the cliff jump. It's easily Yates' worst entry. Yes, DH 1 has grown on me enough to exceed it.
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    Troll, Loki? You're abusing the button because you dislike me. Not that I mind that you're proving my point about the uselessness of the buttons.
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    I have changed my mind. I am actually going to watch the Hobbit movies. Not necessarily in theaters, but at least on blu-ray some time. Why? Because I don't want to miss out the hilarity of seeing Peter Jackson trying to stretch out the material and the satisfaction of legitimately critiquing the films. You may say that I have preconceived notions, but really what's the difference between expecting to dislike something and expecting to love it (like with, say, Batman)? Are those positive expectations somehow the reason you loved the movie? No, I didn't think so. So yes, I expect to dislike them, but I always try to be open-minded when I watch a movie and will probably note both good and bad things about it. We'll see. Point is that I'm seeing them, which is a paradox really considering that making a trilogy out of this is even more of a marketing decision than the two-parter, which was partially the reason I turned them down in protest. Well, at least I pointed out the irony in my way of thinking myself before anyone else did. I will gladly seek cognitive dissonance in this case because of the temptation of seeing whether PJ can somehow pull it off and make some decent and focused films out of this horrible decision.