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  • Re: Official Fantastic Beasts Thread - TEASER TRAILER RELEASED

    I'd honestly like to see J.K Rowling attempt to direct. That way we know that we'd be seeing the movie the way that she wanted it to be seen.
    That would be like throwing someone who can't swim into the ocean. What does she know about framing, pacing, directing actors etc? Directing is a skill like any other.
  • Re: CONFIRMED: Harry Potter early years stage London play with J.K. Rowling as co-producer

    I imagine so, since Jo is involved.

    Lord Stafford.
    It's not written by her, is it? This is at best only approved fan fiction. It could be a good play, but there is no way I'm considering this a part of the Harry Potter canon as created by Rowling.
  • Re: Philosopher's Stone Shooting Script AND Deathly Hallows Part 2 Draft Script!!!

    There is no way Day would have omitted scenes without Yates' permission. The editor chooses what camera angles to use from what's shot, the order they are used in and their duration (partly in cooperation with the director). Day did a pretty good job.
  • Re: 15 years! 7 new covers of the HP books by Scholastic

    That was disappointing
  • Re: Funny HP pics

    I don't think they're that bad, but they bring the Book > Movie to a new level, for sure. I do think the books are better ( :P ), but the films are amazing as well.
    Personally, I would never claim a book to be better than a film because of the difference in medium. That would be like saying that apples are better than oranges. For me a more precise wording would be that "I prefer apples over oranges". Personally I think the HBP book was miles better as a book than HBP was as a movie. In other words I prefer the book over the film, which goes to show that even I have preferences, but on a rather reflected level if I may say so myself since I don't really compare them, but judge them on their own merits.

    You see, preferences are fine IMHO...as long as you're honest about them. Sincerity is something I appreciate and respect. I just wish purists would be more humble and admit that they do judge the films in comparison to the books rather than act like they are so knowledge about filmmaking. If they are to deem them bad, they better evaluate them on their own merits. Or at least from an adaptation POV. It's not like all the choices the filmmakers made were good IMHO, so there's plenty of room for discussion if they are willing to open their eyes a little bit and consider the adaptation choices in relation to their function (or lack of thereof) in the movie. Otherwise just lay the cards on the table.