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  • Re: J.K. Rowling Regrets Ron and Hermione’s Relationship

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  • Re: J.K. Rowling Regrets Ron and Hermione’s Relationship

    I think Harry is too serious a person for Hermione. She needs someone humorous and relaxed like Ron who can give her a break from her books, ambitions and studies. I also think it's wonderful that the sidekick ended up with the girl. Ron has always been in the shadows of his brothers and Harry, the chosen one. Hermione choosing him over anybody else validates that he is important, which is central for his character development throughout the series. Without the Ron/Hermione relationship Ron would be even more cast aside to a point that it probably would be best to kill him off by book 5 if Harry/Hermione were meant to end up together.
  • Re: We've got a lot more unreleased deleted scenes than we realize...


    http://www.thurrockgazette.co.uk/news/1501584.taylors_potty_about_film_rol e/

    But finally they were cut from the movie ^^

    Or were they in it?
    It's one thing to be a purist. It's another to have problems with stylistic choices, which is all a Quidditch match in the snow is. It's there because it looks pretty. That is why. That is the only reason. It looks nice.
    Uh..it looks much nicer in the sun. The book even put emphasis on it, with Harry taking it as a good sign.
    Stylistically HBP is an incredibly dreary chunk of the Potter storytelling that if you interject a washed out sunny scene with the brown and blue landscapes and scenes that are shown everywhere else...well it can get really strange really quickly. I love the snow and the overcast practice. Both match the themes and look of the film and It doesnt bug me one bit that it wasnt like how it was in the book.
    Um none of the HP films have a ton of sunny scenes. HBP is much lighter than OOTP or DH...what would have been wrong w/ a few sunny scenes? Espicially if it was IN THE BOOK?
    To answer your question; it wouldn't necessarily have been wrong, but that doesn't mean it's the right choice either. If you could put down the book for a moment and think inside the film, I am sure people would be more willing to listen to your arguments. Form your arguments from a cinematic point of view. What purpose would the sun serve for you thematically? Would it add to the atmosphere? Why is a snowy scene wrong? If you think it's an adaptation mistake not to translate the weather accurately, it would be interesting to hear why. For instance, if the sun somehow represented renewed confidence on Ron's behalf for you in the book, speak your mind out about how the film scene felt less "rich" as a result of the weather change, as opposed to merely stating you're annoyed because...well just because it's different, which is an argument that makes no sense for me.
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    While I agree with Phineas, it goes the other way around too: People implying that critics are idiots in the comment sections when they disagree without even attempting to articulate their opinions. Often, however, they will refer to the critical consensus as proof that those who disagree are "wrong". What, are we sheep?
    PJ. Why don't comment more in the forum? You have the best insights around here.
    Thanks, I appreciate that. I have been quite busy lately and I gotta admit that I am not as enthusiastic anymore about commenting on forums as I used to be, but I do visit the forum from time to time.
  • Re: Rate/Review the Last Movie or TV Show You Watched

    I miss your reviews, PJ.
    Thanks man.