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What does being promoted to Level 2 mean?


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    What do you mean Agent Carter? It's Jessica Jones...
    "The next Agent Carter".
    lool I still dont get it? :P Why the next Agent Carter?
    I mean its the next Agent Carter AKA the next great superhero show (at least featuring a female lead) to come from marvel
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    Nice! im getting more interested for the movie now. Im ready to give it a chance.
    There was a Fantastic Four screening last night in Atlanta. It should be ok as long as I don't get specific. It was miles better than the previous 2 and also better than Ant-Man and Ultron. Everyone has a believable scientific explanation for their powers.

    In the end it, covered beneath all the played out superhero save the world *beep* is a story about friendship (Reed and Ben)and family (Susan and Johnny) and how the two are sometimes inseparable. Trank wasn't kidding when he said it was inspired by The Fly, because the best part of the film is the 2nd act where their lives are changed and because of that the 4 have to learn stick together and developed a bond (Reed/Ben didn't like Susan/Johnny in the 1st act). The 1st act was great too! Introducing each members giving us their childhood background story which were sweet and touching.

    Aaaaaand the 3rd act reverted to an interdimensional slugfest between the F4 and Dr. Doom. Which is something u've seen in countless other superhero movies

    The VFX is unpolished. Looks outdated.

    The dialogue ranges from soul piercing to laugh out loud bad.

    The performances were great. Toby Kebell killed it.

    The cinematography and a cool blue color grading fits the film.

    The film's best parts are not the action scenes but the emotional ones.
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    Just because Fantastic Four is undergoing constant reshoots does not mean that it will be a disaster. It’s all about trying different things out to make sure that you get it right. Besides, they may not necessarily use all that they have reshoot, for they could discover that things are fine the way that they are, or they could fine an even better way of doing things in the process. After all, I went through a similar process when doing a practicum project for an entire minor for my class and I ended up getting an overall mark of 96% for the class and many others as a result.