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  • Re: VIDEO GAMES Discussion | News/trailers/gameplay |

    Top 5 QTE Story Games:

    1. The Walking Dead S1&2
    - The story was phenomenal. The haunting yet emotional score elevated this narrative to such heights that I actually cried during a certain moment in Season 2. (Those who played will know :wink: )

    2. Heavy Rain
    - Despite criticism from gamers, this game manages to tell a wide arching mystery narrative with a truly depressing tone. The score is excellent, particularly during the Madison Paige sequences.

    3. Until Dawn
    - Could easily be flipped with Heavy Rain, though I felt this story could have been longer. The choices legitimately matter and the characters are fun and well-written. Highest replay value of the bunch.

    4. The Wolf Among Us
    - Lots of twists and turns, though light on the hard choices. Awesome story as well.

    5. Beyond Two Souls
    - Bit of a miss at times, though powerful in other areas. This game has its problems, but the story was still fun to play through. It's not in the same league as Heavy Rain.

    *I haven't played Life is Strange yet
  • Re: VIDEO GAMES Discussion | News/trailers/gameplay |

    I got my first Playstation in 1998 when I was 7 years old.... Haven't looked back since. Before that I played a Super Nintendo and a Sega Genesis but once I got a Playstation I dropped everything.

    I had a fun time playing Spyro and NCAA nonstop. There were some demo discs that I loved that had Einheinder/Jurassic Park on them.

    Then I got a PS2 in 2001. MGS2 and GTA3 changed my gaming life. I started putting in more hours than I could keep up with.

    I played golf during the PS3 years and only bought one to play MGS4. I didn't even play GTA4. I didn't get caught up on this generation until 2012.


    I've followed the PS4 since the day it was announced and bought a Day 1 edition. This will be my most intense generation yet I think.
  • Re: ASSASSIN'S CREED Discussion | Syndicate

    I already expressed my thoughts to Staff but....

    Unity's story left me majorly underwhelmed... It was a brilliant piece of character assassination and a tacked on future plot that made almost no sense... the storyline jumped and played out like an episodic lifetime series in a hurry to reach its finish, which also turned into a catastrophic mess as well as a blatant money grab:

    "Since all we care about is your money, please keep searching Paris for good memories as Arno"

    Give me a break.

    This desperately needed a longer development time and an Auteur handling the story/design.
  • Re: ASSASSIN'S CREED Discussion | Syndicate

    Co-op has been awesome.

    I'm on sequence 10, nearing the end.
  • Re: Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" Thread

    Nolan is very similar to Shakespeare. He loves to use the first act to introduce all of the characters and players. The second act he introduces problems facing all of these characters in various ways with complex plotting, then the third act the proverbial shit hits the fan.