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  • Re: Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" Thread

    I've got the scripts to all of his movies. If anyone wants to discuss plot holes I'm open for discussion. B-)
    How Bruce get into the city in TDKR? hahahahhaa joke joke I dont care:P
    This is set to be the main plot of a new HBO series:

    See Bruce Wayne hitchhike through the Middle East, ride shotgun with his new friend Hassad, become a stowaway on Turkish airliner, and finally sneak across the last remaining bridge in Gotham. Or steal a small boat and ferry across at night in time to watch Selina Kyle help an apple thief.
  • Re: Rate/Review the Last Movie or TV Show You Watched

    I watch movies to be wowed by storylines. Unfortunately... None I've seen this year have done that. There's been some awesome movies, Star Trek... Man of Steel... But I have yet to watch a good mind bender.

    Intersteller can't get here quick enough!

    Almost forgot... WWZ - 75%

    I thought it was a GREAT zombie movie when there was interaction with the young doctor and the attempts to find a cure... The action element was boring, as most action oriented movies are to me :-B
  • Re: Rate/Review the Last Movie or TV Show You Watched

    I like Nolan plotholes... they can be argued about for ages and actually provoke some degree of thought. I hate actual plotholes... you know, the ones that actually make you want to laugh at the whole story.

    Very similar to Metal Gear Solid and Heavy Rain, two video games that center around their story. Lots of plothole esque shit happens but you can get away with them.

    How did Bruce get back in to Gotham? Who gives a fuck he's batman and that scene was awesome... I would just assume his huge knowledge of Gotham is what allowed him to sneak in. As for getting from the middle east to america? Maybe after he let those people out one of them led him to some random fucker with an airplane... lol you can't prove me wrong because we didnt actually see :)

    How did Dumbledore just waltz into the forbidden forest and return with Umbridge unscathed? NO fucking clue and it has no relevance I just wanted to say it haha

    How the fuck did Big Boss end up alive at the end of MGS4? That's a stretch in the most extreme manor since he 'died' like 3 times but who cares? I wanted to see him again for some closure.
  • Re: VIDEO GAMES Discussion | News/trailers/gameplay |

    MGS will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3. So it's not a "next gen" game only, just saying.

    Wii U will always be next gen.
    If the Wii could handle the game Kojima would release it, Kojima loves Nintendo. He begged to have solid snake included on Super Smash Bros... He even went out of his way to have MGS1 remade on the GameCube.
  • Re: Oscars 2013

    Skyfall was a great movie but the score is getting a lot of love.. And idk why