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  • Re: Fantastic Beasts SPOILERS!

    I forgot!

    Who else got excited to see the Erumpant horn? And Leta Lestrange!
  • 8 Years and Many Tears ago...

    J.K. Rowling has helped me grow alongside my family, and she deserves all of my respect and love. Even though I don't know her personally, I love her (to quote Valerie from V for Vendetta). I have my career choices and a third of my character to thank her for.

    When I'm asked what makes me feel special or lucky I would say this: I was a part of the Harry Potter generation. I grew up alongside Harry and his world, both of which consumed my life. I have feelings for these books that cannot be replicated. My memories are so strong that I can't even look at the covers without crying.

    8 years ago I stood in line at Bookland wearing a 'I Trust Snape' shirt. I started the book at 1AM and finished at 11:25AM that morning. Praise God, and thank you Jo. I wish I had the words of a poet here... I can't romanticize something this real however.

    My life's goal, my main purpose... Is to take this into the future. Building the future and keeping the past alive are one in the same. I hope we all get that 'feeling' again with Fantastic Beasts and whatever comes after.

    I love every one of you. I'm thankful that great times still lie ahead.
  • Re: Rate/Review the Last Movie or TV Show You Watched

    I'll go back to Avengers and start there.

    Age of Ultron- It's possible that I'm just bored with the Marvel machine. I found myself aggravated at most of the plot points and only moderately entertained. 71/100

    Mad Max Fury Road- DAMN! This was one hell of a statement in terms of feminist action cinema. My blood was pumping the whole time. 95/100

    Jurassic World- Nostalgia bomb. I loved the movie despite a few problems, most of which involved the Ingen plot. 90/100

    The Gallows- Found footage needs to die. Great concept, completely wasted.

    Does anyone remember when Tim posted and we challenged him, which in turn led to everyone's name being changed?

    I remember being something like "billy mays here" and some other band name... Was Tim the admin who quit paying?

    Why do we fall?