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  • Snape and Pettigrew in PoA and HBP

    You know how in the Spinner's End chapter in HBP we find out that Voldemort has assigned Wormtail to be Snape's servant? I'm wondering how that came to be. Was it like "Snape, I'm going to make Wormtail your servant"? Or was it "My lord, I would like to request Wormtail as my servant" and Voldemort granted Snape's request.

    I also wonder about Snape being knocked out in the Shrieking Shack by Harry's Expelliarmus spell. Just imagine you are Snape, a Death Eater who is working for Dumbledore. You hear Sirius Black talk about a rat. You know that one of your fellow Death Eaters, Peter Pettigrew, had the ability to transfigure into a rat. You want to find out more, but can't risk doing so in front of Pettigrew himself. What if he intentionally provoked Harry into getting so angry that he cast a spell in which Harry, the others in the shack, and the reader think he's been knocked unconscious, but he's fully aware of what's going on?
  • Re: Parallelism between the books

    Well, I don't recall "blowing up the house" being in any of the other books, Abhi. Besides, it seems most of the examples we've provided in this thread are based on ring composition, rather than parallelism.
  • Re: CONFIRMED: Harry Potter early years stage London play with J.K. Rowling as co-producer

    I think The Boy in the Cupboard would be a nice title for this.